The Qualified Plumber in Pensacola, Florida

Every house owners may need plumbing service every now and then. If you have searched about tips to hire a plumber, you may notice that every tips would say that the house owner should hire a licensed plumber. In Florida, if someone wants to work independently as a plumber, he needs to pass the Florida plumbing examination. That’s what Pensacola plumbers should do before they can open their own practice. Let’s see what steps that Pensacola plumbers have to take to get a plumbing license.

Plumber in Pensacola

Pass the basic qualifications

A plumber who can apply the exam must pass the basic qualifications such as

  • He must be an adult (18 years old or older)
  • He must have worked as a plumber at least for 4 years. He must provide proof of a qualifying degree that he has worked as a qualified plumber for 3 years and as a foreman for 1 year.
  • He must provide proof of financial stability.
  • He must have public liability insurance up to $100,000 and property damage insurance up to $25,000. However, these amounts are general rates. Some states may have different requirement for the rates of insurance policy. It depends on the decision of the licensing board.
  • The license board will check the criminal background of each candidates and determine whether the candidate are denied or passed. If they pass, they can continue the next procedure.

Decide the type of license

There are two types of license for Pensacola plumbers, registered plumbing contractor and certified plumbing contractor. If the plumber feels comfortable working in small area, he better choose registered plumbing contractor. A local competency examination is enough to test to his capability. If the plumber have an ambition working not only in Pensacola, but also throughout Florida, he must choose certified plumbing contractor and pass the state competency examination which is harder than local exam.

Decide the type of practice

A plumber must decide what type of practice he want to do, an individual practice or business practice, because these two have different application.

Fill the application

A plumber must download a printable application on the official website of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, then fill it and mail it back to the office of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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Pass the examination

Each candidates have unlimited chance to take the exam as long as they take it before the expired date of their application which is 4 years after the date of the original application.

Seeing these steps, it is no surprise if hourly rate of a plumber is a bit expensive. It will be nice if there are discounts for Pensacola plumbers’ service like Len the Plumber coupons for Maryland customers.