How to Find A Cheap Plumber Near You

Cheap plumber is the most wanted when you have problem fixing your pipes. Usually, many companies that provide plumbing service set expensive fees. One of the reasons is the commission-based sale which is given to plumbers based on many customers they worked for. The other reason why hiring plumber can be so pricy is also because many corporate plumbers have to deal with main issues like paying the worker’s insurances and maintaining fleets of large trucks. That’s why smaller family-run plumber business is cheaper that plumbing corporates or companies.

Tips to find a cheap plumber nearby

These tips will guide you to hire a cheap and the right plumber to help you fixing and maintaining pipes and water issues:

Get references

It is highly suggested to have a –word of-mouth recommendation to have a good reference of cheap plumber. Make sure you already asked you neighbors or friends of a preferred plumber before you get estimates from a contractor.

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Avoid plumbers on television or radio

The reason is because it takes a lot of money to advertise something on radio and even television. That’s why you will pay higher cost. Speaking of advertisement, don’t trust easily on it since many big plumbing companies or corporations sometimes use phone book and website ads which feature a family photo to make you think that they are small family-run business that can give you cheap price.

Minimum three estimates

Knowledge is power indeed. By having minimum three estimates you can agree with the price you should pay before you deal with the worker or company. If you don’t do that, you may pay higher price more than you think.

Focus on small family-run

If you want a cheap plumber, so focus on small family-run business. It has lower price that can be offered to you. Usually, small business like this passes the savings to the customers. Usually, there is no such commission so you will not pay any extra services and fee.

Have contractor’s license

Don’t hire random plumber in order to find the cheapest one! It is important for plumbers to have licensed contractors to complete his work based on the right mandated procedures. These procedures are designed to protect customers from possible serious health issues and shoddy workmanship.

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Other tips to get cheap plumbers

Compare the parts’ price

Plumber usually brings his parts from wholesale outlets. Usually they are not for general public. Actually the price of the parts is comparable and sometimes they are not.

Don’t be tricked by discounts and coupons

Competitive prices don’t depend on discounts and coupons. Sometimes there are plumbers who will try to attract you with a price discount or coupons. Even so, plumbing corporates and companies are still more expensive even they give discount to you.

Work on weekdays

Avoid hiring a plumber on weekends, after hours or even holidays. They will charge you more expensive fees.

Cheap plumber is actually easy to be found. You just need to follow these tips to find the cheap one and the right one.